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Box 511, Tofino, BC
Canada V0R 2Z0

"It is our opinion - and I'm certain it's one shared by many - that you are the best in the business at inspiring people to do their best. Your sincerity, appreciation for the natural and cultural history of the west coast, and sense of humor bring out the best in everyone. We love you both."
-- Mike & Carol, WA

About Dan Lewis

About Bonny Glambeck


About our Company

Rainforest Kayak Adventures was founded by Dan Lewis and Bonny Glambeck in Tofino, British Columbia at the turn of the millennium, and has enjoyed nine successful seasons.

Bonny and Dan are consumate paddlers, their skills honed through a combined 40+ years of teaching sea kayaking, many expeditions, and countless days commuting back and forth to their secluded cabin on a tiny island near Tofino.

About Dan Lewis  |  About Bonny Glambeck

We are expert kayakers, natural teachers, keen naturalists, and active in the rainforest conservation movement. Leading kayak trips in Clayoquot Sound is a way for us to combine these elements into one cohesive whole.

Our vision is to run a small, owner-operated firm dedicated to providing the highest quality sea kayak skills courses and adventure kayak tours in Clayoquot Sound. We are based in Tofino, and directly support the local community.

Our trips are designed to empower people -- providing skills and experiences to enrich lives. Recreation is a powerful healing activity, literally re-creating body, mind, and spirit. Nature is a great teacher and healer, feeding our spirits. Outdoor recreation in Nature is a potent combination, especially in this post-industrial era.

RKA provides us with an opportunity to manifest our values of right livelihood, voluntary simplicity, and living in place. We enjoy "earning a living while making a difference".

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